Solo music project using which I published some movie soundtrack-inspired music.

Over the years, I digitally composed hundreds of little songs, varying from 20 seconds to 8 minutes long. I decided to bundle about ten similar songs into an album caled "Roquelaire", which you can listen to on the Skylarque Bandcamp.

The album art of the album you can find on
The album art of the album you can find on
Skylarque's logo
Skylarque's logo


Roquelaire features the following 12 songs:

  1. What Do You Believe In?

  2. Drifting Through Shadows

  3. A Warm Winterheart

  4. Beware The Fabulists

  5. Embarquement

  6. Help My Dolly Is Alive

  7. She Leaves

  8. A Gaze Into The Black Abyss

  9. There's Still Hope

  10. Through Osprey's Eyes

  11. Geppetto's Workshop

  12. They've All Forgotten About Me...

Track art for "Drifting Through Shadows"
Track art for "Drifting Through Shadows"


While I initially designed a logo having "Skylarque" as text in the shape of a bird, Lisa Janssens gracefully improved it by designing the logo you see above, reflecting the name in the shadow instead. This also suits the "shadowy" theme of the Roquelaire music much better.

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