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Typing game where you play as a dragon, keeping knights away from the princess by typing their name.


Ludum Dare

This game was created for the 33rd edition of the Ludum Dare competition. Ludum Dare is a game competition in which you have to make a video game on your own from scratch within 48 hours.

In this edition, the theme was "You are the Monster". That's why in this game you play as a dragon, slaying knights who want to kidnap save the princess.

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My game DragonScriber was ranked #85 overall, out of 1200 entries, and #54 in Fun. You can find all results on the Ludum Dare entry.

Play the game

You can play the game on my itch.io page.

Francken Simulator

I later revived this game by changing all the graphics and turning it into a politically satirical game called Francken Simulator, for the weekly satirical section KU Leugen in Veto.

You can read more about this game on the KU Leugen project page.

francken simulator
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