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Samsonderzoek is a fan theory series about Samson & Gert.

Samson & Gert is the most popular children's TV show in Flanders and is especially nostalgic for people born around the 1990s. After 30 successful years, Gert quit the show, turning the show into Samson & Marie. However, this has left us with a lot of plot holes and unanswered questions, such as "What does his girlfriend Marlène look like?", "What is the political color of the mayor?", "Why is he suddenly leaving Samson?", and many, many others.

Samsonderzoek aims to answer these questions through logical deduction from facts stated in the show and usually ends up with over-the-top answers explaining questions that could not be fulfilled in any other way.

The first episode is all about uncovering the secret identities of Gert's girlfriend, Marlène, and his love rival, Jean-Louis Michel. This, in turn, also explains why he suddenly hands over Samson to Marie.

(English subtitles are available by pressing CC)

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