Zij, maar dan met Samson cover image

Zij, maar dan met Samson

In August of 2021, Gert Verhulst released his very first solo album called "Zijn mooiste liedjes". This came after decades of exclusively singing songs for the massively popular Samson & Gert albums. One of the songs on this album is called "Zij" and is about the love he has for a girl.

Since it was odd for many to hear Gert sing a solo song without Samson, especially given its mellow lovey-dovey theme, I decided to mix Samson vocal lines into the song.

This also added a narrative arc to the original song, as it helped establish that the girl in the song was actually Marlène (his unattainable love in the Samson & Gert TV series. Samson starts by calming Gert, saying that Marlène will still come over, but throughout the song, she starts wondering why she's not here. In the end, he helps him realize that she doesn't care about him but that he will always be there for him to do fun activities with.

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