Over the years, I've built a large variety of Twitterbots.


TorfsBot is a Twitterbot that automatically imitates professor Rik Torfs. It was trained on his tweets as well as his columns and produces several semi-philophical generated tweets per day, as well as having conversations with people that reply to his tweets.

This bot is extensively explained on the TorfsBot project page


The SamsonBots are six Twitterbots based on Samson & Gert characters that converse with each other on Twitter. Each bot is performing one or more of the running gags of the character they portray.

An overview and explanation of these bots can be found on the SamsonBots project page


MopjesBot is a Twitterbot making Dutch punning riddles about people from the news.

Its inner workings are explained on the MopjesBot project page


InghelsBot is a Twitterbot automatically imitating poems from Maarten Inghels. The bot was built on Maarten Inghels' request, as he wanted his to see what would happen if we deployed TorfsBot algorithms on his poems.

The algorithms were slightly tweaked to make the algorithm prefer alliterations and rhymes. It also uses Markov Models on a part-of-speech level instead of only word-level, to deal with having less data than the other bot. Thus, when choosing a next word, it will not only look at the exact previous couple of words, but also what word type they are. For example, it might know that the word "have" might follow [article][plural noun], and thus create "the media have", even if these three words never occurred in that order in his poems (although this particular example might have been).

Iedereen Kevin Bot

IedereenKevin is a Twitterbot posting generated facts about people named Kevin.

The idea for this bot started with an article stating that the name Kevin is becoming less popular, having the hashtag #iedereenKEVIN (= #everybodyKEVIN)

This hashtag got quickly claimed by improv theatre group De Kevins, who have a similarly named show. They used this hashtag to make up all kinds of random facts about people named Kevin, to promote the name.

The bot's algorithm simply looks for existing tweets starting with "Wist je dat" *(="Did you know"), and replacing a noun with Kevin or Kevins.


Kakbot is a Twitterbot posting text parodies using the word "kak" (= poo).

Similarly to IedereenKevinBot, it is based on a popular hashtag, created by Fokke van der Meulen, namely #spreekwoordenmetkak (= proverbs with poo). On this hashtag, people replaced one of the words of a proverb with "poo", which usually ensued in a hilarious new proverb. When the comedy podcast "Mosselen om Half Twee" was talking about TorfsBot, he mentioned that he would loved to have a "Kakbot" doing his proverbs with poo. Given that this was easily created by recycling code from IedereenKevin bot, Kakbot was born.

The bot later got extended with other variations Fokke did on this hashtag, e.g. including music, food, movies and news.

Improv Challenge

ImprovChallenge is a bot that posts a daily challenge for people to make a joke about. It is very similar to the Scenes from a Hat game as well as the Slechtst Denkbare App.

Most of the code repositories for these projects can be found on my GitHub page.

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